Wall Street Journal

There is a printed journal, relatively established I'm told, whose press turns out a great volume of sheets, the pages of which command the attention of vast numbers of the reading public. This week it was brought to our attention that said periodical published an essay on the topic of "American Aperitifs", wherein was featured vermouths (and such) created by several domestic producers. Among those brands being championed, was none other than our very own Hammer & Tongs L'Afrique. A certain journalist responsible for illuminating the topic, one Ms. Sarah Karnasiewicz, correctly observed that "a stateside aperitif conversion is underway.” Ms. S.K. went on to survey sundry styles and brands produced here in these United States, by Calisaya, Cana's Feast, Ransom, and Uncouth Vermouth to name a few. Of our L’Afrique, she pronounced it to be “a dark and alluring Rosso-style vermouth, with earthy notes of incense and spice” and opined that it is “beautiful with Seltzer and a small splash of bourbon.” Thank you Ms. Sarah… We couldn’t agree more with your findings.