Tales of the Cocktail

NOLA! What countless inspirations have you elicited upon my soul! After last year’s epic experience I could not feel more obliged to repay your tremendous kindness, and what better way to exhibit my appreciation than to devote a morning to inspiring others. On the Tuesday the 17th day of July, I shall endeavor to astound and delight as many of your inhabitants (transient and resident alike) as a man could expect to, with the mysterious charm of vermouth. Put in my path, as is your way, a qualified individual proficient in the arts of enchantment, and I will leave not a soul unstirred by the remedial draw of this bewitching beverage, should they set foot in the Hotel Monteleone. Already I feel the beautiful enigma of your powers at work as you have for this occasion, woven together 8 producers of vermouth to convene for this affair. For 2013, Tales of the Cocktail will have a new story to tell… a tale of New Vermouths.

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