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  • Good Fortune Is Singly Out-Weighed This Week By Good Will

    To our very great felicity, our request to the offices of the Federal Government for an accelerated assessment of my latest Formula (Sac’Resine) was met not with churlish refusals, but with a cordial reply and affable assistance. So much so that it gave me pause to consider whether or not such kindness was of genuine desire to do a good job, or rather a result of our polite, but impassioned, plea to gain the advantage of time that quite habitually and thoroughly evades our every attempt to do so. In whatever the case, today we tip our hat to that splendid champion of our cause, Agent TGK, ensuring that the peoples’ work, works!

  • What A Great Marvel That Was

    To our astonishment, we sold every last bottle what was prepared in advance, with the exception of one box that went to our munificent friends at the Hop & Vine (a prescient purchase perhaps). Without reserve, I can say that we underestimated the response.

  • Joyous Occasion! Let's have a TOAST!

    At last, the project begins to take its final shape. Today, Clementine and I bottled the first five boxes of L’Afrique, which we mean to show to event goers in a few days’ time. Hosted by the Oregon Distillers Guild, the International Artisan Spirits Revival (TOAST) will be the first time we unveil our patent nostrum, and make available this darkly delicious katholicon to those in search of redress and medicament. It will be our extreme pleasure to visit with you and all of your mother’s sisters’ cousin’s uncles what live and breathe within a day’s journey and are in need of a miracle.

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