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  • The Fairer Sex

    BRILLIANT! Our dear and exceedingly clever Ms. Clementine was possessed with the insight to pre-submit the label images we had conceived with the incomparable man-of-design, Mr. C. Noud. Part stroke of genius, part well-timed delivery (thank you Ms. Seville), we are most pleased to proclaim our Sac’Résine COLA was consented to by the Federal agencies concerned, and with very few changes in the operation. As such, we will be only a short time in bottling this pleasantly pungent palliative. I do believe it will be for the first time revealed in New Orleans at the great convening of concoctions known as Tales of the Cocktail.

  • Seattle City

    After a good deal of wrangling with numerous state officials to the north, we are gladdened in the extreme to proclaim our fair neighbor, a friend to you who live in the Evergreen State. While it did take some not insignificant exchange of documents and a small bribe known as a "permit fee", it is now possible for men and women in the greater Seattle Metropolitan area to find for purchase, a bottle or two of L'Afrique. Moreover, some of our esteemed bartenders and stewards of fine cocktails will be have this unique ingredient in their tool kit. For those who would take their restoratives in such public parlors, our agents in the urban district report that among other fine establishments, L’Afrique may be working its way into your cocktails at Vessel, Skillet, and Liberty, Smith, and Terra Plata for a start.

  • Lucky 13

    Nearly 5 months after submitting the first formula for our Sac’Résine, we have finally been granted the authority to forge ahead with this vermouth. After spending more than a year developing and testing our formulation, we were pleased that only a few minor modifications were needed. What remains to be achieved before we can sell it in open commerce is the obtainment of a Certificate of Label Approval (or COLA) from the Labeling Division of that very same organization as what brought us the approval of the formula. Let us now abide by whatever superstitions govern our irrational fears, so that the label approval process might be less of a tribulation than the ordeal that finally did yield a formula approval!

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